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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation, Arbitration And Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) allows people to work through legal disputes with the assistance of attorneys and other professionals without the expense, time, and uncertainty associated with litigation. ADR is known to be highly effective in family law cases, and can be used to resolve any issue, including modifications of existing orders.

With trained and experienced collaborative law attorneys, mediators, and arbitrators, Shimalla, Wechsler, Lepp & D’Onofrio, LLP, has the resources to help your family avoid a trial. We work with families across New Jersey to allow them to find solutions without going to court. You and your family can come to our firm for representation in mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce.

The Benefits of ADR in Family Law

Traditional family law litigation can be very contentious, especially when a case goes to trial. When a case goes to trial, the judge has complete control over the outcome. When your relationship with your children and your finances are on the line, you may not want one person to have control over this outcome.

With ADR, families can avoid adversarial litigation and resolve disputes in a less formal setting that allows for privacy. Families will also be able to manage the schedule and craft more creative solutions tailored to fit their unique needs. When people are able to reduce conflict, they are often able to find creative solutions to their legal problems. If they reach an agreement through ADR, they maintain control of their future rather than letting a family law judge make the decision.

  • In mediation, the parties and their lawyers talk about the issues with the supervision of a mediator, who is a neutral party. The mediator helps people come to an agreement through discussion and negotiation.
  • In arbitration, the parties agree to let an arbitrator decide the outcome of the entire case or of specific issues of a case on which they are unable to agree. Arbitrators review evidence and hear statements from each party. The lawyers present a summary of the evidence, and the arbitrator makes a final decision.
  • In a collaborative divorce, each person is represented by a lawyer and signs an agreement committing to reach a negotiated settlement. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, and determine that they must go to court to litigate the matter, the lawyers must withdraw from further representation and each party must retain a new lawyer.

Not only are our lawyers experienced at representing clients in each of these forums, but we regularly serve as mediators as well. Amy Zylman Shimalla and Amy Wechsler have also been appointed/chosen to act as arbitrators. Furthermore, Amy Zylman Shimalla and Amy Wechsler have published numerous articles in legal journals discussing various forms of ADR. This comprehensive experience allows us to provide the highest levels of legal representation.

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With more than 100 years of combined experience, our lawyers are ready to help you select the method of ADR that best suits your needs. To schedule an appointment with an attorney who practices mediation, arbitration and/or collaborative divorce in Warren Township, New Jersey, please call 908-922-4238 or contact us online. We represent clients across Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren, Middlesex, Union, Morris, Monmouth, Mercer, and Essex counties, and beyond.

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